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Thermion introduces several lines of miniature thermoelectric coolers which include single stage and multi stage modules. These coolers are solid state devices which act as heat pumps when DC current is supplied. They can cool or heat depending on the direction of electrical current.

Total 4 series of TE coolers are offered:

        • TMC-Series of single-stage and multi-stage TECs with “pyramidal” configuration

        • TMB-Series of multi-stage cube-shaped TECs with enlarged top area

        • TML-Series of linear single-stage TECs

        • TLB-Series of linear multi-stage TECs with identical top and bottom

 Each series includes 3 sub-series with different TE pellets cross-section and pitch.

The number of configurations is growing permanently in response to the most sophisticated customer requirements, and now more than 1300 standard sizes are available, cold side being in the range from 1×1 to 21×21 mm, maximum current ranging from 0.2 to 5 A, temperature difference – from 75°C in single-stage to 130°C in standard multi-stage models.

The TECs utilize superior quality TE materials and ceramic plates which provide full electrical insulation and excellent thermal conductivity. They are ideal for maintaining optimum operating temperature in applications where space and power restrictions predominate.

Normally, Thermion TECs are RoHS compliant assembled on lead-free 230°C solder. Thanks to junctions diffusion protection, they withstand heating to 220°C and fit for continuous operation at 120°C. For the TECs whose application is exempt under RoHS, the use of 183°C PbSn eutectic is possible on request.

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